Real estate valuations intelligently done

We took an innovative approach to appraisals and created a more intuitive platform.

Real estate valuations intelligently done

We took an innovative approach to appraisals and created a more intuitive platform.

Dedicated to improving the appraisal experience, Connexions is the software solution that helps you better navigate the appraisal and risk management processes. Our cloud-based technology brings best-in-class automation, reporting, data analytics and integration to real estate valuations like no other.

What Connexions offers

Connexions provides a platform to customize and manage residential and commercial appraisal processes with a host of options and lets you decide on every transaction, whether you outsource or manage in-house.

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Our cloud-based technology keeps you connected and gives you a competitive advantage, so you can gain the freedom and bandwidth to work with any number of AMCs and any QC vendors.

  • AMC and panel management, processing, conditions handling and accounting
  • Stay compliant, transparent, and avoid service level spikes
  • Integrated AVM review options
  • Manage all your AMCs and third-party vendors with customized workflows

Get the control and flexibility you need from your appraisal panel by leveraging our experience and technology to supplement workflows, self-manage appraisers, integrate vendors, certify compliance and so much more.

  • Auto-assign appraisers based on AMC and lender rules, workload, location, product competencies or other parameters
  • Customized and centralized invoicing and accounting
  • Follow-up filters at each step of the process
  • Comment on orders and history log
  • Create custom reports and pull from 500+ appraisal data points or access standard versions
  • Receive instant updates via voice technology

Stop drudging through properties with an antiquated commercial appraisal process and join the modern era of a centralized platform for all stakeholders in the commercial valuation chain.

  • Automate assignment processes and workflow efficiencies to save time and money
  • Quote better and faster, and win more orders
  • Order full portfolio appraisals – commercial, asset, professional practice
  • Short narratives, report inspections, inventory services

The architecture of our broker portal enables a simplified, centralized, and cost-effective approach for managing appraisals. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface is designed specifically for brokers with the functionality and configuration you're accustomed to.

  • Centralized access to all appraiser requests for all lenders
  • Lenders have access to all requests ordered on their behalf
  • Real-time data exchange between brokers and appraisers
  • Security-driven functionality and permissions
  • Brokers can upload appraisals for independent investor reviews
  • Manage your entire pipeline with built-in reporting

Connexions provides powerful capabilities

Be Compliant

Be compliant with TRID, AIR, state and federal regulations, and rest easy knowing everything about your process – including your data – will remain accurate, compliant, and protected.

Be Secure

Control permissions and access to data and stay connected through a national MPLS network providing end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and “five nines” reliability, backed-up in remote locations.

Be Mobile

Available for iOS and Android, access your files on the go from a smartphone or tablet, and experience the best of everything Connexions has to offer anywhere, anytime.

To help you drive impact and manage appraisals quickly and easily

Insights reporting

Create custom reports with more than 500 appraisal data points (by vendor, CU Score, condition counts, LO, TT, state, product and loan type) or access an unlimited number of standard options.


Our all-in-one appraisal management solution automates workflows, so you can increase operational efficiencies and better manage your business.

Risk Management

A single system of record keeping empowering you to mitigate the risk of potential collusion between client and appraiser.

Streamline workflows
with product integrations

Connexions happens all in one place and brings everything you need together with an open API to enhance and improve your experience.

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The game-changing benefits

  • Automate and significantly streamline the review process
  • Empower users to work better, more effectively
  • Measurable productivity improvements
  • Ensure compliance by monitoring all activities
  • Increase workflow efficiencies and save money
  • Deliver exceptional quality service
  • Reduce review times
  • Mitigate risk effectively

Ready to learn more about Connexions?

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