Connexions delivers innovative technology customized to reflect your appraisal management workflows with added best practices.



The Connexions platform streamlines and automates many of your valuation processes, resulting in resource and time savings that can improve your bottom line. Connexions is customized to follow the appraisal management workflows that you have already established for your organization, along with suggested best practices and automated processes where it benefits you the most.


Having the flexibility to assign and manage appraisals in a way that aligns with your business is the backbone for developing a successful valuation process. Connexions provides customizable assignment criteria and configurable Work and Review queues that allow Lenders and AMCs to manage appraisals more easily and efficiently.
  • Vendor Panel Management: Connexions offers intuitive, easy vendor panel configuration and management. With a unique hierarchal vendor panel configuration process and the ability to create inclusionary and exclusionary lists on each level (for example, client, location and branch levels), Lenders and AMCs can quickly setup and maintain their vendor panels.
  • Internal Assignment: With flexibility and scalability, Connexions is easily configured to reflect your appraisal management processes when it comes to internal resource assignments. Automatically assign orders to internal resources as required during the appraisal and review processes with customized assignment criteria.
  • Vendor Assignment: Connexions can be configured to auto-assign appraisals, assign new appraisals internally for manual assignment or use a hybrid assignment with appraisal auto-assigned to a vendor that requires internal approval before the request is sent. Vendor assignment is highly configurable with the ability to configure some locations for manual assignment and others for auto-assignment.
  • Work Queues: Connexions provides 15 different work queues to keep your Appraisal Desk on top of your appraisal orders at all times. Discreet work queues follow the appraisal process so your Appraisal Desk can quickly identify orders that need attention, ensuring no orders fall through the cracks for issues like unpaid payments, updated fees, notes, etc.
  • Review Queues: Connexions provides six review queues that follow the appraisal review process to carefully track the appraisal while it is being reviewed.
  • VA Workflows: Clients can submit and manage VA appraisal requests in their own channel and still use the vendor invoice, which is automated in the accounting processes.


Connexions provides industry-leading financial workflow capabilities, delivering accounting automation, tax compliance and automated payment and invoicing services.
  • Automatically Generate Invoices: Connexions automatically generates initial invoices and new invoices for fee changes, including the vendor’s invoice, and ensures it matches your accounting system-saving significant manual work. Connexions can also generate invoices for VA appraisals.
  • Customized Payment Methods: Payment methods (credit card, eCheck, invoice (net30/to bill)) can be customized by location, client and how the payment is collected/processed. The default payment method can be configured for each location or client.
  • Connexions Intelligent Accounting Services: Supported by the Connexions Finance Team, Connexions Intelligent Accounting Services is designed to meet the unique requirements of each client in order to provide the best accounting, invoicing, compliance, and reporting solutions. See Connexions Intelligent Accounting Services to learn more.


Having the ability to seamlessly incorporate appraisal QC reviews into your appraisal management process is a necessity for most appraisal management workflows. With full integration to ACI Sky, Connexions takes this process one step further by giving clients the ability to auto-trigger 3rd-party QC reviews based on customized CU score tiers. Therefore, based on client-specified CU score ranges, appraisals can be sent to different tier reviewers. Connexions can also automate revision requests when UCDP errors are found, saving internal resources added time and effort.
By automating QC reviews without having to incorporate human intervention, Connexions delivers levels of efficiencies that our competitors just can’t match.


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Connexions is a bank-grade, SaaS financial valuation company delivering innovative and reliable solutions to support our clients’ businesses. With data science, product integrations, mobile connectivity and best-in-class security and compliance, Connexions is your strategic technology partner designed to contribute to your success.