Commercial Management

Connexions Commercial Valuation Portal (CCVP) is a transparent centralized platform for all stakeholders in the commercial valuation chain which significantly reduces time and cost to fulfill a successful transaction.


CCVP enables lenders to:

  • Order full portfolio appraisals
  • Request blind bids and multiple bids
  • Order multiple products (e.g. Engineering and Environmental Reports) on a single portfolio
  • Auto-assign vendors, account managers or reviewers by property type, transaction type, loan type or geographical competency
  • Customize and audit workflow process
  • Automatically re-appraise for large mortgage properties


Multiple Orders: CCVP allows lenders to order Engineering and Environmental Reports in a single portfolio.

Auto-Assignment: CCVP give lenders the ability to auto-assign Vendors, Account Manager or Reviewers and panels can be built by Property type, Transaction type, Loan type, Geographical competency, Branch location, Property value, Product type.

Automatic Refresh: CCVP automatically orders appraisals based on customized rules.

Process Review and Audit can:

  • Assign reviews based on geographic competency and a variety of assignment criteria
  • Capture review data on editable forms where the data is extracted and stored for use in standardized and customized report
  • Customize the review process to allow you to use in-house or external reviewers or any combination
  • Customize audit rules to regularly review all vendors and reviewers, and ensure a compliant process
  • Customize escalation processes to allows you to direct problem orders to the proper person or team so you can assign and resolve issues quickly


Lender Bids: All bids can be managed in one queue and organized by action type (Approve, In Process, Review). The bid process can be applied to either Residential or Commercial workflows, and the bid process is configurable by:

  • Bid delivery requirement
  • Minimum number of bids
  • Manual or automatic approval of bid

Blind Bids: The platform allows Account Managers to manage the bid process. It also allows the loan officer to select the vendor and access a variety of data points including price, delivery date, turn time, or quality rating.

Vendor Bids: Bids are organized in their own queue, and can be accepted or rejected based on due date or requirements. All accepted bids can be managed in one queue, and awarded bids automatically transition to the existing new order workflow.