AMS Technology

Connexions Appraisal Management Software (AMS) allows you to manage your book of business, AMCs and third party review vendors all in one place. Connexions appraisal management software can help you to manage payment processing, appraisal assignment to AMCs, UCDP and EAD, Appraisal review, conditions handling, reporting and accounting. The AMS product is completely customizable based on your needs.

AMC Management

Connexions can pre-select an AMC's assigned orders based on Geographic and product competency or parameters important to your business model. Connexions was designed by our senior management team with an extensive lending background from a lender's perspective... not a vendor's.


Connexions' trained teams perform all of the order process functions, including handling the orders themselves and assigning them to vendors. All of the monitoring tasks and follow-up tracking is managed, along with the delivery of the reports and all of the communications involved throughout the process. Lenders can rest easy knowing that Connexions specialists are handling this often burdensome aspect of the appraisal process.

Conditions Handling

Getting conditions satisfied and resolved is a time consuming task that can cause delays and disrupt loan transactions. Connexions handles them expertly, receiving and tracking them, as well as reviewing each condition and delivering them to appraisers to move the process along. Expert reviewers address all concerns directly with appraisers and follow up until resolution is achieved. Whether pre-funding or post, the Connexions Conditions Handling Component keeps reports from getting bogged down.


Appraisal reviews are a useful tool in supporting lending decisions and ensuring accuracy in valuations. Different situations call for different types of reviews and in all cases, you want experts on the job for the benefit of investors, auditors, mortgage insurers and others along the lending value chain. From checklist reviews to complete desktop review (or anywhere in between), our certified appraisers help your back office to stay compliant, transparent and avoid service level "spikes." Connexions Review Options

  • Checklist - Reports reviewed against a customized checklist.
  • Quality Control Assessment - General examination of the appraisal for grammatical, typographical or other similar errors including client requirements as specified.
  • AVM Review - Reviewer runs an AVM of client choice and reviews appraisal against AVMs and handles predefined exceptions. The lender is responsible for all third-party AVM fees.
  • Desktop Review - Traditional desktop review using a local licensed appraiser.
  • Rebuttal Handling - Reviewer will receive, review and address rebuttal with appraiser directly. All rebuttal requests and results are tracked to state compliance regulations.
  • Warranty Fee - (AMCs and appraisers) Appraisal Warranty Insurance to vendors through a major insurance carrier. Restrictions may apply.

Integrated AVM Review Options

  • RealView Report - ChecklistExtract appraisal data from first generation PDF or XML file, Screen for USPAP, Fannie and Freddie guidelines, run standard PDS checklist, verify appraiser information, perform UAD file format validation, UCDP hard-stop checks and monitoring and return UCDP-Ready XML.Reports reviewed against a customized checklist.
  • Review Report PLUS Collateral Expert - Quality Control AssessmentRealView Report, MLS information (where available) and Public Record Information.General examination of the appraisal for grammatical, typographical or other similar errors including client requirements as specified.
  • Review Report PLUS Collateral Expert PLUS AVM - AVM ReviewRealView Report, Collateral Expert and AVM.


Connexions PayPrompt processes and collects credit card and e-checks for individual orders, ensuring that appraisers are compensated accurately and on a timely basis. PayPrompt includes tracking for the entire process, and handles Form 1099s and accounting.

This innovative component relieves lenders from the burdensome details long posed by the necessary collection and payment of appraisal fees. It is yet another way that Connexions improves the appraisal management process for appraisers and lenders alike with fast, accurate technology and process automation.